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1 6.1 RPost Collection and Use of Customer Information. RPost collects the following information when a Customer uses the Services: name of the Customer, name of Sender, Email address of the intended recipient, size of the email file sent, the Signature Password, and information lis Service Level Agreement
2 Registered Email services in this context includes all RPost messaging and document services currently commercially available.
3 Service Availability. RPost guarantees 99.9% availability for 24 x 7 service operation excluding planned outages. Planned outages are limit to a specific window during off-peak hours. Customers and alliance partners will be notified of planned outages in advance.
4 ted within parenthesis on the subject field of the (R)egistered Email® message. This information is used by RPost for billing purposes and the provision of the Service and is Confidential Information of Customer. In some instances, RPost may require that Customers provide RPost with a password to access the Service. Password Time to Intervene. RPost support is available 24×7. Reported incidents will be logged by trouble ticket. All incidents will be investigated within one business day.
5 Time to Restore. Service will be restored from any unplanned outage within 6 hours.
6 Time to Change. The mean time to respond and/or implement automatic change requests is six hours. The mean time to respond and/or implement manual change requests is one business day. Completion time for such requests will be subject to the nature of the request.
7 s are Confidential Information of Customer. The RPost Software and Service do not store any email or authenticating information relating to email processed by the Software or Service, except in the case of the sender opting to use the large file transfer service or in some instances, a managed receipt archive Service Installation. RPost provides immediate access to limited services through select user interfaces including Microsoft Outlook and web service access. RPost corporate orders will be processed within 48 hours of receipt. Services will become available to customers within 48 hours of successful order processing. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that its anti-virus, anti-spam, and/or other email security systems do not corrupt the Registered Receipt™ emails or block their return to the sender. It is the customer’s responsibility to send a Registered Receipt™ to to ensure that the Registered Receipt authenticates properly and is not corrupted by the senders email security systems. It is the customer’s responsibility “white list” the rpost domains in the sender’s email security systems, with a list of domains and IP addresses for white listing available upon request.
8 Default Service Limits. See Service Parameters .
9 service. You acknowledge and agree that RPost’s large file transfer service links to files uploaded by RPost at the request of the User and these links are public and non-secure, in that such links may be forwarded freely to any third party by your designated recipients, or forwarded by other third parties whom you did not designate, unless the service encryption options are used with the large file transfer service. RPost assumes no Message Delivery Time. Registered Email® messages will be processed and sent for delivery within 2 minutes of induction by the RPost service. Acknowledgement™ receipt emails will be returned within 5 minutes of message induction by the RPost service. Registered Receipt emails will be returned to the sender within the maximum time limit of 2.5 hours from the original message induction by the RPost service. The above limits are valid for 99% of deliveries.
10 RPost cannot be accountable for delays caused by external factors such as Internet network outages, Internet network congestion, sender or recipient mail server failures and/or incorrectly addressed messages.
11 responsibility for the security, confidentiality or privacy of files uploaded via this feature when the encryption options are not used. By using this feature without encryptions options, you acknowledge and agree: (i) to assume sole responsibility for the content of any files uploaded, hosted and/or transmitted; and (ii) to assume any liability arising from your transmission of, and/or any third party’s receipt of, your uploaded files, even if you did no Undeliverable Mail. In the case of undeliverable addresses on Registered Email® messages, the service will return an interim notice to the sender if such delivery failure can be determined conclusively upon the first send attempt, and the service will follow with a complete Registered Receipt™ email to the sender within 2.5 hours of sending, with the receipt indicating this in the delivery status report. The service will attempt to deliver messages to the recipients for up to two hours. After this time there is no additional responsibility to re-deliver that email. It is solely the responsibility of the sender to resend that email. The Service will charge for sent Registered Email® messages that are undeliverable.
12 In the case where RPost cannot deliver the Registered Receipt™ email to the sender due to problems with the sender mail system receiving email, RPost continues to attempt delivery for up to 48 hours from the initial attempt to return the Registered Receipt™ email.
13 t designate the recipient in your original large file transfer submission. Digital Seal® RPost makes no warranty that the RPost® Digital Seal™ mark will remain valid in all email systems of all recipients and as that email sent with a “Digital Seal” mark is forwarded. RPost makes no representation that a Registered Email® message with a Digital Seal® mark will have the Digital Seal® mark remain associated with the Registered Email® message at or after that Registered Email® message reaches its first destination. RPost makes no representation that the Service will be capable of sending all email, tagged by the End-User for Digital Seal protection, with a Digital Seal® mark. Further, RPost does NOT claim that Digital Seal techniques can prove the identity of the End-User or sender of the Registered Email® message that has Digital Seal protection.
14 In the event that RPost, in its sole discretion, determines or suspects that any uploaded file(s) constitute(s), or may give rise to, a violation of any law, copyright, trademark, regulation or this Agreement, or you are otherwise in breach of any provision of this Agreement, RPost reserves the right to remove your stored file(s) and/or to deactivate links to stored file(s) without further notice to you. RPost agree RPost Testimony.In the event that the validity of a Registered Email receipt or the service is questioned in a legal proceeding, RPost will make experts available to give testimony at a cost not to exceed a rate of $350 per hour, plus reasonable travel and other expenses.
15 Recourse for Breach. If RPost is found to be in breach of this Service Level Agreement, RPost shall have liability equal to the amount paid for those Registered Email® messages damaged by such Breach.
16 Registered Email Service Severity Definitions and Examples. Severity Level 1: Total loss of a Service, e.g., no users on the network can access this service. – Registered Email Service Example: No users can access the Registered Email service to send Registered messages.
17 Severity Level 2: Service is degraded. Users can access the service but experience significant difficulties or delays. – Registered Email Service Example: Users can send Registered Email messages but Registered Receipt emails and Acknowledgement emails are delayed.
18 s and abides by each respective country’s privacy rules and principles as service is taken up Severity Level 3: Services are delivered with minor delays or difficulties. Users accessing the service are not significantly impacted. – Registered Email Service Example: Users can access the Registered Email service but Registered Receipt email verifications are experiencing minor delays.
19 in the country. RPost abides by practices and procedures to meet the requirements Reporting. RPost provides monthly usage reports to each individual user that presents each Registered Email service Unit with detail including the time sent and masked recipient destination. RPost provides aggregate reports to corporate account administrators and alliance partners as requested.
20 Service Plan Definitions:
21 Term Expiration 23:59 UTC on the last day of the period (month or year)
22 of the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection “Safe Harbor”, the National Privacy Principle Term Renew: Reset on the first day of each calendar month at time zero (UTC).
23 Individual: Service authorized for one sender email address.
24 Shared: Service authorized for finite set of associated email addresses authorized for the plan
25 Maximum Users: Maximum sender email addresses that may be associated with a Shared plan
26 s of Australia, and the U.S. Privacy Act 1988, as well as other privacy laws specific to other countries and territories. Fixed: Service shuts off when the plan message allotment in the period (month/year) has been reached. Users may upgrade plans at any time. If no upgrade is available, the user will need to contact their
27 6.2 RPost Access to Contents of RPost Service messages. Customer understands and agrees that RPost may have access to the content of RPost Service messages only in the event that such access is required (i) to repair a Serivce server or otherwise ensure the smooth operation of the Service; (ii) to investigate or prevent account manager or switch certain users to a volume plan.
28 Message Expiration: For Monthly plans (per user paid monthly or paid annual, and volume monthly), unused units expire every month; for Volume Annual plans, unused units expire its after 12 months.
29 the abuse of the Service; or (iii) as otherwise provided in Section 5 of this Agreement. Such contents are Confidential Information of Customer and subject to the provisions of Section 5 Fair Use Policies. Fair use policies apply to all plans, and includes limits per plan, limits per send, non-use for unsolicited marketing purposes, and non-use for unlawful transmissions. RMail 365 plans have a fair use limit of 50 units per user per month. RMail Standard plans have a fair use limit of 200 units per user per month. RMail Business plans have a fair use limit of 500 units per month, and RMail Enterprise plans have a fair use limit of 1000 units per month. Higher volume use requires an upgrade to shared volume RMail plans. RSign Standard plans have a fair use limit of 50 envelopes (signed documents) per user per month. RSign Business plans have a fair use limit of 100 envelopes per user per month, and RSign Enterprise plans have a fair use limit of 200 envelopes per month. Higher volume use requires an upgrade to RSign shared volume plans. Per User plans are for individual users and not for sending from shared email addresses, workflow addresses, or automated business management systems; for these purposes, use shared volume plans. Free trial plans are limited to up to 3 users within a same company or organization. RPost reserves the right to terminate service or to temporarily freeze the user’s account and/or contact the user or their administrator to verify if traffic is authentic and determine if the particular user’s plan parameters should be adjusted. A “Unit” is defined as the number of recipient addresses per five-megabyte message sent. RPost reserves the right to change this fair usage policy at any time. Changes shall become effective after thirty (30) days of publication of the revised version on Continued use of a subscription after expiry of the 30-day period shall constitute acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of the revised fair usage policy.
30 . Privacy Policies .